Emily and Paul
The Chapel

Old St. Hilary's - 1888

201 Esperanza, Tiburon

 This deconsecrated Catholic mission is in the midst of a rare wildflower preserve. One of the few Carpenter Gothic churches to survive in its original setting, it was built in 1888 to serve railroad families. In the 1950’s the church was designated a historical landmark.

  Check out the Bay Area Hiker: Old St. Hilary's website for an easy one mile hike of the property. Views from the top of the hill (where the preserve adjoins the Tiburon Uplands County Park) are fabulous.

  The church is located in the bayside city of Tiburon. Come a couple hours early to the wedding and you can check out this historic town, full of history and with amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. The Landmarks Society provides a map with details about the various historical landmarks on their website (Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society). Just click on the Walking Tour link from that page. The sidewalk along the bay just east of the marina is a definite photo opportunity, providing a panoramic view of the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop for your photo.


The wedding will begin at 5 o’clock. There is no parking allowed at the church. You must be shuttled up the hill. Please allow ample time to get there by five. We recommend arriving at 4:30. Click below for detailed directions. Thanks!

9 August 2006