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10 September 2006
Nice work everyone-keep it up! Otherwise I'll have to buy em off of late-night- TV info-mercials :) Is someone brave enough to request this one? Y.M.C.A..mp3 Paul
8 September 2006
Any way you want it (Journey)...gotta have Journey Any Way You Want It.mp3 jab
8 September 2006
You can call me Al (Paul Simon) 16 You Can Call Me Al.m4a jab
8 September 2006
Cupid (Sam Cooke) 12 Cupid.mp3 jab
8 September 2006
Wonderful world (Sam Cooke) 08 Wonderful World.mp3 jab
8 September 2006
Let's get it on (Marvin Gaye) 09 Let's Get It On.mp3 jab
8 September 2006
Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison) 06 Brown Eyed Girl.m4a
15 August 2006
Adam Sandler! I'll Grow Old With You .mp3 Phil
6 August 2006
Okay, I know I'm a really big dork for this, but it's a good song! Be Here To Love Me by Norah Jones 06 Be Here To Love Me.m4a Phil Havlik
14 July 2006
LITTLE WILLY!!! Little Wil.mp3 your big sis
20 May 2006
How about Come On Eileen and Livin' On a Prayer? ...80's anyone???   MaryDale
17 May 2006
Can't forget the BEATLES....."In My Life"   Sheryl
29 April 2006
The Wedding Song By Paul S. frpm Peter Paul and Mary AND What a Wonderful World Sung by Louis Armstrong   Mom
22 April 2006
Don't forget "Jump Around" and "Shout!"   The Upps
19 April 2006
Actually, Tricia and Chris tried to upload this one more than a week ago. (A Webmaster programming error stopped them.) Chicken Dance.wma Dick
19 April 2006
I'm thinking... the chicken dance... I am pretty sure Mom and Dad could provide you with the cd. ;)   Becca
18 April 2006
Oh, please?? Clifford the Big Red Dog theme Clifford the Big Red Dog (TV Theme Song).mp3 Maya
17 April 2006
This one's for Maya (the flower girl) 1-12 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.mp3 Paul
17 April 2006
A Righteous choice--here it is. 01 Unchained Melody.mp3 Paul Reichardt
15 April 2006
Of course I'm "still" back in the 70's...not a bad place...how about any John Denver songs...I'm "sure" Mike is cringing all ready....How about "Sunshine on my Shoulders" We wore flowers in our hair...didn't we Betsy.. PEACE and LOVE.....   Sheryl
17 August 2006